Lovely and Chic Garden at Home with Eco Friendly Garden Furniture

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How to make the garden at home looks more enchanting, greener, and also more chic than before basically requires you concerning about several vital things. Well, if you think that the advanced landscaping technique is the only one you need to know for helping you have chic and lovely cozy garden at home, then you should think twice before claiming that the though like that is true. Besides, if you also have another thought which is the only key for having the perfect lovely garden at home is planting the right garden plants, then you should also consider thousand times before claiming that the thought like that is true. Anyway, makes the garden at home becomes more chic, greener, and even more enchanting than ever is not only related to landscaping/gardening technique or even planting the right garden plants only, because the right eco friendly garden furniture you place there also holds important role to make your garden chic, well decorated, and even does not harm the environment of your house.

Well, eco friendly garden furniture basically has great ability to design the garden of yours becomes cozier and even more chic as you wish. There are so many selections of eco friendly garden furniture nowadays which designed in loveable stylish designs that even available in the widely varieties of styles. Choosing one of them to be placed in your garden suitably based on the garden theme of yours could be done simply then.

Anyhow, talking about eco friendly garden furniture is not only related to their chic and enchanting designs to let you beautify the home garden of yours perfectly. Talking about eco friendly garden furniture principally is also a great way for you to create the safer and healthier garden without any dangerous or harmful substances that could pollute the environment of your home. Besides, eco friendly furniture including for the garden and outdoor area is the furniture which made by recycled materials. It could be said that eco friendly furniture is one of the greatest ways for having the green living. If you want to know what great advantages you could get from choosing eco friendly garden furniture to be placed in the lovely home garden of yours, then you are able to find the answer as follows.

The Benefits of Eco Friendly Garden Furniture

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  • Durable and extend lifespan

Eco friendly garden furniture is much more durable. It has long service life that even provides great durability for the next generation of your family.

  • More Affordable

If you carefully read the information above, then you would understand how come eco friendly garden furniture becomes much more affordable anyway. Yes, because they are durable and have a long service life, you do not have to spend your money for buying the new garden furniture. Most people buy the new garden furniture because the old one is already broken or dull. Then, when you choose eco friendly garden furniture, it has good durability and it means you should not often buy the new garden furniture for replacing the old one.

  • Adorable and long lasting classic and rustic design

When talking about eco friendly garden furniture, then basically it is closely related to wood. Well, wood is one of the best eco friendly materials. Of course such wooden garden furniture provides the enchanting rustic and classic design. Besides, any eco friendly furniture is also much cozier.

  • Highest quality

Eco friendly garden furniture is already proven to have no mould, wouldn’t rot, no mildew, and even no cracked at all.

Best types of Eco Friendly Furniture Material Source

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When you plan to buy eco friendly garden furniture both to beautify your garden and create the safer environment at garden and home of yours, of course you also would like to know which material they are made from, right? Here they are then they best materials that consider as the best material source of eco friendly garden furniture:

  • Durable woods which also categorized as hard wearing woods like western red cedar wood, teakwood, and even northern white cedar wood. Those are the top three best woods which grown and harvested from sustainability certified management forest. They are the best woods as the top material of high quality eco friendly garden furniture.
  • Plastics which recycled. All the kinds of plastics which mannered in recycled process or also known as HDPE plastics basically are another best material source of eco friendly garden furniture. Besides those plastics are safe and not consist of dangerous and harmful materials, they are even water resistant, would not rot, low maintenance, no need to stain and paint, and even the best one eco friendly furniture material which able to survive in all seasons.
  • Stainless steel. Anyway, stainless steel is a good material source for eco friendly furniture (including garden and outdoor furniture) because it consists of most of recycled material. Remember, that eco friendly furniture is the one which made in a manner of recycled process.

Additional Tips in Buying the Right Eco Friendly Garden Furniture

  • Consider of the manufacturer. Make sure that the manufacturer of eco friendly garden furniture you are going to buy basically has a good track record in producing the trusted and qualified eco friendly garden furniture so far this time.
  • Consider about the right design and style of eco friendly garden furniture you are going to buy. Just make sure that it has a suitable design according to the garden theme of yours.
  • Consider about the right size. Concern about the available space you have at the garden and also the size and height of the eco friendly garden furniture you are going to buy. Make sure that it is able to be placed in the garden of yours properly which would not too small or too big when it placed at the home garden of yours.
  • Consider about the comfort. Just make sure that you buy the right eco friendly garden furniture which would let you feel cozy while using it.
  • Consider about the budget you have. Of course the last but not least is concerning about the price of the co friendly garden furniture you would like to buy. Just choose the right one according the budget you have.

So, creating a chic and wonderful even gorgeous garden design is not only related to the landscaping technique and which garden plant to grow, right? Just remember that garden accessory and furniture also hold important role in making the garden of yours becomes greener, more eco friendly and chic, fresher, and even more enchanting than ever.

Beautiful White Garden with Paperwhite that Started by Planting Paperwhite Bulbs

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Have a garden at home could be so lovely. Of course it could be so enjoyable to have a home with green and fresh atmosphere that provided by a chic home garden of yours, couldn’t it? Well if you plan create a lovely garden at home, besides considering about the right garden design, garden theme and even landscaping technique to apply, of course it is also important for you to consider about what should plant by you in the garden as well. Remember that what you plan in the lovely garden of yours could influence both the garden look and design as you wish. Well, if related to the matter then you want to have a chic lovely white garden look which is so fragrant, then planting paperwhite could be a great idea. Growing the lovely fragrant paperwhite at home could be done simply because you are able to start planting the paperwhite bulbs with ease.

Anyway, paperwhite is a lovely white flower you could grow simply at home both outdoor and indoor. If you also only have a small garden at home, and want to plant paperwhite in pots or vase or even flower bed as the solution, then you are able to do that stuff simply. Before knowing how to plant paperwhite, then it could be wiser for you to know about paperwhite even only in general.

Paperwhite basically is one of the lovely perennial flowers that mostly planted in anyone’s garden because of its gorgeous pure white color, its loveable sweet fragrant, and its easiness to grow. Anyway, growing paperwhite even is easier rather than growing tulips. That’s why people love planting this lovely flower both in outdoor and indoor garden at home. Basically paperwhite is still categorized as the family of Amaryllidaceae and paperwhite is also known as Narcissus papyraceus. This lovely flower grows naturally in Louisiana, Corsica, Azores, California, and also Texas. Of course after more and more people love planting this lovely pure white flower in their garden, then it was started to be exported and imported worldwide. The tall of the mature paperwhite is reaching around 30-45 cm.

By the way, as already explained above, planting this sweet fragrant white flower could be done simply because you are able to plant the bulbs with ease without any complicated gardening technique at all. No wonder if this plant also often found in anyone’s backyard garden. The right time for planting paperwhite basically is around September to December. After planting paperwhite bulbs, they normally would groom within three or four weeks later. That’s why most people also choose this flower as the perfect Christmas flower as well. So, are you interested to plant paperwhite at the lovely home garden of yours, here they are the guidance and tips you should know.

Planting Paperwhite Bulbs Outdoor

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  • Choose good drained spot in your outdoor garden. Good drained spot is the perfect spot you could plant paperwhite bulbs.
  • Consider of choosing the right spot in the outdoor garden of yours which gets sunlight perfectly. Well, paperwhite loves suns. Basically they are able to grow in any shade garden, but they would have the perfect growth with the stronger stems when they planted in the sunny area.
  • After find the perfect spot as already explained above, then you could start of planting the paperwhite bulbs in the holes which dug around three or four inches below the surface of the soil. Paperwhite bulbs able to be planted perfectly in the soil with the temperature around 40-100 degrees.
  • After planting the paperwhite bulbs well, then just watering them as well. Normally they would grow sprout after days or weeks. But most of them are starting to bloom during the late winter.
  • After blooming, just let them photosynthesize. You do not need to replace the paperwhites because they are not annual plants. They are able to survive in all seasons. But, it is important to remember to prune any yellow dead leaves that appeared to make them grow better and stay healthy for blooming in the next year.

Planting Paperwhite in Pots or Vase

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  • Fill any pots or vases even flower beds where you would plant the paperwhite with fertile and well drained soil. Just make sure that the pots or vases and eve flower beds you choose to grow the paperwhite bulbs have a good drainage adequately.
  • Put and place the pots or vase where you grow paperwhite bulbs in the right spot that gets full sunlight to let the bulbs grow perfectly and even healthily.
  • Well, they would bloom in late winter or in the early of spring.
  • After the blooming time past, then just keep care them well, let them get enough sun to photosynthesize, and never forget for pruning them to free from yellow withered leaves.
  • During the drought of summer, do not forget to move them into the shadier place. And when the fall comes, you are able to return them back to the sunny area and just start to give them soluble fertilizer to let them have the perfect growth for blooming in the next year.

Planting Paperwhite Indoor

  • When you plan to grow paperwhite bulbs indoor, then choosing such glass or ceramic flower bowls is the greatest idea.
  • The media you need to grow paperwhite bulbs indoor could be so varied start from pebbles, beach glass tumble, soil, until pellets for terra cotta. You are able to find them all in the widely variants in any gardener shops near you.
  • Just watering well any media you choose for growing paperwhite bulbs so that they could grow in good moist media to have the perfect growth.
  • Put the bowls where you plant them in very bright sunny area. Near the window that directly facing to the outdoor area of your home could be the perfect spot to place the bowls where you grow the paperwhite bulbs indoor.
  • When summer comes, you are able to move the bowls where you grow the paperwhite bulbs in shadier place but still reached by sun light. And, when the falls comes, you are able to return them back to the sunny area of your indoor spot, and just start to give them fertilizer.

Well, planting paperwhite bulbs is so easy to do, right? You do not even need to bother yourself at all for knowing the expert landscaping ideas and techniques at all. Besides, you do not even need such big space garden at all because you are able to plant them simply in garden containers and even able to plan them indoor with ease. So, are you ready to have the chic white and fragrant garden of yours which fully planted by loveable paperwhite both indoor and outdoor then? Just make your move.